Who We Are

An Asian-born Integrated Communications Agency. We began with Public Relations and today we are an Authentic, Engaging Storyteller across all communications disciplines.

Born from a bedrock of public relations at its finest, Arcis Communications was forged in the heat of financial crisis across Asia, the dawn of the start up economies, the boom of Asian giants, and the globalisation of our world economies. We’re an agency that truly understands what it means to earn our seat at the table – be it for the attention of consumers, or the trust of our clients.

A mid sized agency based in Malaysia, serving South East Asian and Asian markets, we work with the best brands in the world.We pay less attention to which tools we use – and more attention to which tools and disciplines need to be used. We figure out what you need – and then we deliver on it.

Integrated in every way, we offer you a solution that works. Quickly, effectively, sustainably.

We are owner operated which means you get world class experience with the passion of a business led by the people who’s names are on the door. You can’t beat that for persistent, focused, entrepreneurial spirit.

We embrace creativity and push boundaries. But we’re pragmatic and apply ourselves to building campaigns that make sense financially, operationally and with a view to the realistic pressures that brands are facing today.

We are independent and yet linked with some of the largest agency networks in the world. This allows us to guard our way of life fiercely – ensuring that you have the most personal strategic advisory services you need. But it also allows us to scale to meet the demands of brands anywhere in the world with the simple expediency of a phone call or an email.

It’s the best of both worlds. So go ahead. Give us a call, grab a coffee with us, and let’s make things happen.

We commit to the communities we live, work and play in.

a little about us

  • Arcis Communications has one of the most experienced senior consulting teams in Malaysia.
  • Our PARTNERS for instance, have 70 years of combined experience in various industries – including corporate, technology, finance, consumer, energy, sports, entertainment, television, FMCG, and issues and crisis communications.
  • Combined with our servicing teams, each of our Clients have access to more than 100 years of real world experience.
  • That’s just the start of the reason why so many world class brands choose Arcis Communications as it’s partner of choice in Malaysia, Singapore, and South East Asia.
  • Owner operated, the brand’s entrepreneurial roots offer you experienced and relevant counsel, while our young teams keep your campaigns dynamic and results oriented.
  • We work with a curated list of experts in the field to deliver videos, editorial content, public relations campaigns, advertising concepts, and bespoke events that help our clients stand out and deliver in an ever more crowded market.
  • Online, offline and everything in between – our Partners have worked in every discipline needed and can coordinate regional and global campaigns from the heart of South East Asia.
  • And then there’s the rest of the team … and we’d be happy to discuss that with you.
  • Intrigued? Give us a call – or pop by for a coffee. We’d love to chat.